Alexis Hobbs


Something more people need to about me is that all the decisions and actions I am making now is all apart of my plan after college. Being able to be connected with so many important people just here, in the Southfield area works to my advantage. At the young age of twelve I realized how important it was to begin networking so when the time comes you have a support system. Now I am getting ready to go off to college this fall and I will begin to implement my plan branching my connections out in Atlanta. After graduating, I plan to create my own program that focuses on empowering young , women in the metro area and if all goes well, I could begin my own non-profit giving back even more. It is important to know how determined I am and every move I make, it is with a purpose. One day someone reading my essay will be able to say I saw that determination in Alexis Hobbs at the age of seventeen.