2017 Spokester Search: William B. Jr.


William is a 23-year-old from Harper Woods

William's Situation

On Saturday May 7, 2017 I graduated from Central Michigan University. However all last semester (August 2016-May 2017) I worked heavily in video production. I produced, edited and directed videos for CMU's student newspaper. I worked with my very own DSLR camera and edited all my video either through Adobe Premiere or Final Cut 10. I also was involved in our on-campus news station as a producer, cameraman, audio technician, and associate producer where we aired a 30-minute newscast every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 p.m. That showed was viewed on television by three counties: Clare, Isabella and Midland.  

Now, I am currently looking a job working with video shooting videos and editing. I am very passionate about media production and hope to find a position in my desired field.

Blog Post

Traveling any state can be done at a minimum cost, so why not do it at that cost? Michigan is filled with a ton of different site seeing opportunities that allow you to capture it's true beauty and you can save a lot of money doing it. 

Places like Pictured Rocks, Lake Erie and Ludington State Park, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Landmark, Mackinac Island, Isle Royale all provide you with opportunities to see a great view of the great outdoors. All you need to do is pitch a tent and you will immediately save money on your living expenses. In rain conditions, you can always spend a few hours in your car that I am sure is bearable if you really want to travel for the cheapest cost possible. This leaves gas and food the only things you need to pay money for and you can still save money with your food expense by going to any local grocery store and buying groceries to store in a cooler and make sandwiches with lunch meat, Peanut Butter & Jelly, etc.

Now there are a ton more outdoor locations that you can travel too and I would suggest finding an area with 3-5 site-seeing locations all within the same area of Michigan and then your gas to travel from location to location is cut down exponentially. 

Traveling Michigan, or any state at that, can be done at a cheap cost, it all comes down to your planning.