2017 Spokester Search: Sydney D.

Sydney is a 21-year-old from Macedonia

Sydney's Situation

My name is Sydney Davis, My passion is to draw, I enjoy to read and also go out to have fun with my friends

Blog Post

Five ways to save money on a Michigan vacation

1. Save money! I think this is a given, but you would be surprised! It’s always important to have some money saved up for a vacation. If you’re the type of person who always ends up touching your savings account like me, than a good idea is to open a holiday savings account. A holiday savings account is an account set up with your bank where they set a future date in which this account can be accessed. Check with your bank to see if this is available for you! If your bank doesn’t, there is another option! Just create a new savings account with your current bank. Don’t have them give you any checks or debit cards that are linked to this savings account. 

2. Use Amtrak train system. This train connects too many cities in Michigan, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, it even goes as far as Chicago! They have a website you can visit with a map of the rail way lines and the ability to purchase tickets from the comforts of your home. They also have this attraction button that rates which city is the most popular for the attractions they have, which I think is amazing!. What’s really cool is that they have this awesome “other discounts” tab that gives you a list of available discounts that you can get by traveling around Michigan! If you’re far away, you can take this train system as an alternative to flying. 

3. Go to Detroit! I think this should be on everyone’s bucket list, my own included! Downtown Detroit is beautiful, lively and has so much to offer! There are free museums, community theater, as well as many active events! They give discounts for events and activities in the metropolitan Detroit area. You can also get cheap admissions to different events that go on in the summer. For people who are interested in the arts, this is a city you can't miss! 

4. Discounts on different opportunities and activities through your credit union. They offer discounts on home and auto insurance! As a college student, it is really hard to save money while juggling the responsibilities that come with it. Tuition, car payments, phone bills, housing, the list is never ending! Taking the time to look into what your union offers not only saves you money for a vacation, but daily expenses as well. 

5. Groupon! You can get discounts off of hotels, restaurants, shows, events, clothes anything! With discounts up to 70 percent off, this isn't a website you want to skip on. With the ability to organize their available offers by location, you can explore and plan your day around where you are visiting! You can also get exclusive local deals in any Michigan area. Being partners with similar companies such as Kyak, a hotel booking site, the possibilities for savings are endless.