2017 Spokester Search: Spencer M.

Spencer is a 21-year-old from Bay City

Spencer's Situation

Hey, I'm Spencer! 

I'm 21 years old and love learn new things! I'm going to school for a degree in Computer Information Systems at Saginaw Valley State University, but my passion for film will always be apart of who I really am. I'm a self taught musician and have been playing for about 10 years now. Once I have a vision of something I want to do I give a 100% at doing it. I have years of theater experience from high school and even got to play some lead roles! I hope you enjoy the video I made because I sure did have a blast making it!

Blog Post

Michigan Vacation? Budgeting Tips That Will Save You Bank!

Summer time is right around the corner and I love a good relaxing break from school or work. Especially when it’s nice and sunny! But vacations can get pricey pretty fast! Here’s five quick tips on how you can save some extra coin planning your next adventure in Michigan.

1.Free events

Ah yes, budgeting at its finest. Going to free events for a vacation is a great way to have fun and support local communities! Michigan is full of creative and inspiring people that want to demonstrate their abilities. Not only are you saving a couple bucks, but you’re also investing time in admiring someone else's hard work! The best part is that there’s such a broad range of free events around Michigan, that it would easily satisfy every unique taste in the book!

2.State Parks

Woah, total throw back to the time before technology right? No, I’m not crazy! State Parks have so much to offer for people of all ages. If you want to spend time with the family or chill out with some friends, State Parks are an easy and cheap alternative! The Michigan Department of Natural Resources offers the Recreation Passport for $11 (which gives you access to State Parks around Michigan). What a steal! 

3.Meal Prep

Another great money saver is preparing meals before you go on your vacation. Let’s be honest here. Eating out is great, delicious, and fun, but as your stomach gets full the pockets get empty! Taking a little bit of time to prepare a cooler full of food is an awesome way to save some extra cash on your vacation. 

4.Bikes instead of Cars

Picking a location where you can ride a bike to get around instead of a car is easy in Michigan. Not only are you saving gas money, but you’re also going to get a much more enriching experience. Michigan is full of cities that offer options for quick bike transportation. So get out there and live a little!

5.Party with Friends

Probably my favorite way to save money on a vacation is doing it with friends. Sometimes that vacation is just out of reach with affordability and splitting up expenses with friends would get you there. This has to be one of my favorite ways to vacation! Not only are you saving, but you’re also getting to relax and have fun with the people that are close to you! 

So get out there and have an Adventure!

Until next time,