2017 Spokester Search: Sierra B.

Sierra is a 21-year-old from Farmington Hills

Sierra's Situation

Hi there! My name is Sierra Boone. I'm a graduating senior at Northwestern University. I'm a Detroit native. Most importantly, I'm a creative - I love communicating with diverse audience through multimedia. Storytelling is what I do - whether in 140 character or en una otra idioma. I think I would make a pretty sweet Young & Free MI Spokester...and I hope you do too! #Si4YoungNFree

Blog Post

Five ways to save money on a Michigan vacation
By Sierra Boone

Vacations are some of the best opportunities to put our cares to the wind and focus on relaxing. But shelling out cash just to have one can swiftly dampen the glee and turn it into stress. If you’re looking to get away and kick your feet up soon, follow these tips to have an awesome vacation that won’t leave your wallet in pain. 

One: Don’t underestimate the power of the #staycation
Sometimes, we can get so caught up in the ‘leaving’ aspect of vacations that we look past all the beauty that our respective home has to offer. There’s so much adventure out there in Michigan – from haunted theatre in the Upper Peninsula to wineries on the western border. You don’t have to spend the extra coins going across the country or world to have some much needed release. 

Two: Don’t be afraid of a solo trip
It’s become habit for everyone to only travel when it involves one or more other people. While there’s nothing wrong with bringing your beau or BFF, you can save hundreds of dollars by venturing alone. Tools like Travelzoo offer a multitude of deals to have just as much (if not more) fun vacationing alone. 

Three: Use technology to aid your planning endeavors
Apps such as Qapital or Empower are truly necessities when it comes to saving. You can enable rules that round credit card purchases up the next dollar or save selected percentages of paychecks, and have all the saved money go to specific causes (like that upcoming vacation to Benton Harbor). Listen, I know how tough it is not to touch that jar of quarters on your desk when you’re in the mood for ice cream, and that’s why passive yet intentional saving on digital platforms saves the day.

Four: “Shut up and drive”
Rihanna might have been on to something – driving to a destination is a huge win on saving money. Round trip flights can cost you at least $400. And that doesn’t even include extra fees on things like Uber. Driving to your destination is a great idea, plus with the right amount of planning, you can take a scenic route and have a fun road trip in addition to quiet time on the beach. 

Five: All that glitters isn’t gold
I know all of the movies portray vacations as swanky excursions at the finest resorts with rides on fancy yachts, but there’s so much more that Hollywood won’t show. You don’t have to stay at the most extravagant hotel and eat at Michelin star restaurants to enjoy your vacation. Part of the beauty of exploring a new place is finding those Mom N’ Pop burger joints and perusing the local sites, like a park or museum. 

Do you have your own tried and true tips for saving on Michigan vacations? Be sure to post them in the comments!