2017 Spokester Search: Shanacee S.

Shanacee is a 25-year-old from Detroit

Shanacee's Situation

Hey everyone! I’m Shanacee Shreve a multimedia geek who loves to create and story tell in cool innovative ways. I went to MSU for undergrad and earned a degree in Journalism. I’m now becoming an expert behind the camera as I finish up a masters at WSU. I’ve been in school for a while now and managed to travel the world and chase my dreams on a student budget. I know all too well the financial ups and downs of being a student/young adult and cannot wait for the opportunity to teach you guys how to stretch that cash and make it last!

Blog Post


Don’t sleep on the amazing traveling options right under your nose. Michigan is a great place to vacay but who wants to spend hundreds on vacationing in their own state? Here are some quick tips to save and play right here in Michigan. 

Mi casa es su casa

My favorite way of saving money is to stay at a home away from home. I’ve had tons of fun booking cabins or luxury apartments with family/friends while saving hundreds of dollars. In Northern Michigan there are gorgeous lofts that start at $120/night and can accommodate 3+ guests. Not to mention the fact everyone can stay under one roof and create lasting memories. Sites like Airbnb.com or Tripping.com allow you to choose a place and get the 411 on the owner/host of the property. There are also reviews from other peeps who have stayed there. So, if you want to stay in a apartment, beach house, or cozy home and save there’s no better way to get the true travelers experience than to book a home away from home! 

Get Techy Wit’ It

The best part about traveling in 2017 are all the apps that allow us to save and play. Apps like Gasbuddy (tracks gas mileage), Yelp (gives reviews & pricing on local cuisine) , and Alongtheway (shares bars, shops, & landmarks). My absolute favorite is Groupon because it allows you to search your Michigan trip locations and gives deals on a range of activities in that area. Ex: A four hour winery tour in Grand Traverse worth $189 goes for $99 on Groupon! Amazing right? A quick search will save you so much. Cedar Point gives discounts just for booking online and has deals like discounted tickets after 6pm! 


Traveling in a pack is a full proof way to have fun and split costs. I’ve been on group trips globally and it was all made possible by traveling with friends. Experience a lazy river or water skiing adventure right here in Michigan with those closest to you.

Chef BoyardFREE

If you’re like me you spend most of your money on food but guys there are was around it! The best way to experience Michigan’s cuisine without the huge tab is to cook. While you’re staying at your Airbnb you can look up local recipes and use local ingredients to make an authentic meal with your fellow travelers. What better way to bond and save?

Free Entertainment

A lot of us sleep on free entertainment but it’s definitely worth looking into more closely. Michigan has free museums, concerts, and festivals. It’s all about research. Michigan Activity Pass allows Michigan residents to use their library card as an access pass to gain free entry to certain destinations. Visit Michigan Activity Pass on Facebook for more info. 

I hope you guys take these tips and make this summer amazing! 

Safe travels.
Xoxo Shanacee