2017 Spokester Search: Qiayel H.

Qiayel is a 20-year-old from Ypsilanti

Qiayel's Situation

I am currently working full time to pay for school. I enjoy making YouTube video,( Channel: Prime TV). Aside from making youtube videos, I volunteer at the Humane Society in Ann Arbor. I am working towards my goal of hosting my own talk show.

Blog Post

Summer Savings!
Five Ways to Save your Money

With the summer coming up, you want to go on trips, enjoy the weather, maybe even stick a toe or toe into the pool. This is the time to explore the world but your funds seem like there is no way to get around to it. That’s why I’m here! Below are five ways for you to save money on a Michigan vacation!

Big Groups! Ask as many as your friends to go on a trip with you! If everyone splits the total cost, then you won’t have to take more money out of your pockets. The more people you have on the trip, the less money everyone has to put in. Not only does everyone get to keep chump change, this should make the trip more fun and memorable because there are more faces and more ideas for everyone to contribute for fun!

Coupons are your Friends! Find coupons online that you can use on your trip. I like to use this app called Groupon. It has a bunch of coupons for just about everything you can think of; food, activities, and entertainment! I also like to use Shopular. It’s also an app but it’s more for shopping rather than activities. Both of these apps saves tons of money and both are completely free. 

Pack your own Food! I know eating other people’s food is really tempting. Especially if it Burger King or Ronald McDonald. However, packing your own food will save you some money. I know that making your own food can be a hassle, but packing your own food, especially for a road trip, give the more money in our pockets for cool stuff like souvenirs. Not even will you be saving your money, you’re also saving your health! 

Cash or Card! I know keeping money on a card is probably the fastest thing to do, however as humans, we tend to just keep swiping a car carelessly because we do not realize how much we are spending. Personally, it pains me to have to “break a bill” so I often keep cash on me.

Budgeting! This is probably to most “boring” yet the best way to save money! If you put a cap on the money you are allowed to spend and stick to you, could could save a lot of money. When budgeting your money, make sure you are very specific with how much you can spend in each category. Remind yourself why you made the budget list in the first place. Try staying at a hostel instead of a hotel. They make things a lot cheaper and you can make some irreplaceable connections as well.