2017 Spokester Search: PhaShunta H.

PhaShunta is a 23-year-old from Ypsilanti

PhaShunta's Situation

Currently, I am a correspondent for my own media company. I write about the latest entertainment news and handle all social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more). I conduct interviews and book various talents in the entertainment industry to discuss upcoming projects both on-camera and for written. If I am not editing or blogging I am trying to find different ways to perfect my craft. This is what I honestly do from sunrise to sunset! It is amazing!

Blog Post

Are you ready for SUMMER? 

Are you ready to put on some sunscreen, travel and have tons of fun on a BUDGET? 

WELP! I got five great tips for those who want to “splurge” with limited cash (cha-ching!) Whether you are an adult, in high-school or a young’n ready to roll out with your parents for some vacation time this blog post is for you! 

1.You can actually vacation at free attractions such as several lake sites or rent out a beach house through Priceline or Expedia. South Haven, Manistee, Munising, Traverse City are among the best featured destination stops across Michigan with beautiful beach scenery and accommodating vacation home and condo rentals. 

2.If you are a true Detroit Tigers fan or simply enjoy sports then attending a baseball game is something you can look into as well. Tickets are super affordable meaning you can probably bring your entire family! For the parents out there don’t worry because there will be plenty of time for your child or children to be active as well. There will be a lot of Little League games taking place as well especially during the months of June and July. 

3.But what about your OWN back-yard? When was the last time you camped out? Grilling some fresh hamburgers and chicken while playing your favorite jams on the radio can be much better then going to a restaurant all the time. Life is all about exploring and what better way to do that in the mist of nature starring at the night sky and waking up to the sunset? THERE IS NO BETTER WAY. It’s time to LIVE.

4.Plan a head of time - if you are a procrastinator I want you to stop being one at this very moment. Yes, right now because not only are you going to miss out on super saving deals this summer but continuously putting things off will slow you down in life. Decide what is and not important when planning a weekend road trip. For example, usually we all want to buy food as we go but if you think about it packing snacks, lunch and breakfast items can save you over $100 on food purchases. Makes sense righttt???

5. Last but not least if you are planning a summer get away start getting rid of anything that you don’t need. Cut down on shopping and eating out but instead cook more and start utilizing those handy dandy coupons you get in the mail. Once you start creating on a budget I promise you will feel so much better!

Now get to planning and have an amazing summer!!! 

Help a friend by telling a friend to start saving!!!