2017 Spokester Search: Michael B.


Michael is a 22-year-old from Belleville

Michael's Situation

I currently am a senior at Michigan State University. I also work full time at a clothing store and part- time as a soccer coach. Between those other thing I do in my life I free-lance video edit. I love getting to travel around and see new people and places. If that mean's I get to fulfill a passion of mine shooting and editing videos; I honestly don't know if I could even consider it work because its something I enjoy doing so much.

Blog Post

Five ways to save money on a Michigan Vacation
1. Set a budget
2.Visit one of Michigan's beautiful parks or Orchards
3.Go Downtown to the River Walk or to Campus Martius
4. Enjoy many of the free to cheap feastivals in Michigan every year.
5. Visit http://puremi.ch/2r9Buzi for more Ideas on how to save money on a Michigan vacation