2017 Spokester Search: Laurel R.

Laurel is a 18-year-old from Sterling Heights

Laurel's Situation

I'm Laurel Shada and I am currently studying art. I have found a love for entomology (the study of insects) and making jewelry, as well. I regularly update my Etsy (etsy.com/shop/yungentomology) with everything that I'm doing!

Blog Post

1) Join Rewards Programs
Whether it’s signing up online with a hotel chain, downloading an app for a restaurant or getting a ‘frequent customer card’ at a gas station, there are loads of money saving opportunities and free goodies for you to come by. If you join Speedway’s rewards program you are rewarded with money off every gallon of gas, and free food and drinks the more you go there. The McDonald’s app basically gives away free breakfast sandwiches and coffee with their app. Qdoba, Starbucks, and piada are also some places that give out great rewards. Best Western also rewards you with free nights and free drinks at their bar during happy hour if you enroll in their rewards program. Punch cards are also a great thing to start up at a cafe or restaurant. Usually buy 5 or 10 drinks and after you’ve filled out the card, you get a free drink!

2) Look for free things or donation-based things to do.
Many museums offer free entrance but also greatly appreciate donations. If you can’t donate this time, just try to next time! A lot of food factories offer free informative tours, that also include some free samples of whatever they’re making there! Also look for any types of events or festivals that have free admission. 

3) Pack up a big tote of snacks.
Bring easy, non-perishable things like bottled water, juice, granola bars, trail mix and chips so you don’t have to stop on the road to pick up treats for when you get HANGRY! You can also have granola bars for breakfast, and have an earlier lunch, an earlier dinner and then save leftovers for a snack in the evening. 

4) Go camping instead! 
Michigan has loads of beautiful scenery, and what better way to see it all than to go camping right in the middle of it all?! Of course, you do have to spend a bit of start-up money on the tent and what not, but in the long run it’ll be much cheaper than a hotel. You’ll also get to experience the pure beauty that Michigan has to offer. Quick Tip: The UP is beautiful in the early fall.

5) Don’t forget your student ID! 
Many places to eat and to go offer student discounts. Museums and museum stores often offer student discounts. Simply ask, “do you have a student discount?” and you might save yourself 10 - 30%!