2017 Spokester Search: Kiara T.

Kiara is a 19-year-old from Romulus

Kiara's Situation

Hello! My name is Kiara Thompson and currently I am reaching for dreams! I'm a couple classes away from receiving my associates degree at Wayne County Community College, i'm uploading YouTube videos on my channel frequently, and i'm working a couple jobs. My goal is to become an amazing beauty blogger so I won't jut have a job, but i'll have a career that I love.

Blog Post

What's more fun than to explore the state you live in? Michigan has so many things to offer and so many hidden gems as far as destination getaways. There are beaches, city life, and historic places where there are many things to learn, so if you want to explore Michigan I have a couple ways you can do so and save some money!

1. Visit Museums
Michigan is so rich in history and knowledge. There is a museum to learn anything you would like and the best thing about them is you could spend a whole day there or museum hop! Below I have listed some of my favorites and some free options!

My favorites:
-All of the Henry Ford Museums
-Charles H. Wright Museum
-Hands on Museum
Free Museums:
-Cranbrook Art Museum
-American Museum of Magic
-Yankee Air Museum

2. Beach it up!
Michigan is surrounded by water so take advantage of it! When the weather is nice (which may be hard to tell considering Michigan weather) head to the nearest edge and you'll be sure to find a beach there! spend the day relaxing in the sun and don't forget to pack a lunch for even more saving!

3. Explore Downtown
Over the years downtown Detroit has blossomed into an adventure. There are so many cool shops and buildings, and the Riverwalk is so beautiful for pictures. One of my favorite parts about downtown is the food. There is something for everyone with any craving and on any budget. My favorites are Bucharest and Coneys both with plenty of options under $10.

4. Go to festivals.
Over the summer there is an insane number of festivals everywhere in Michigan. With most festivals admission is usually free. You can walk around, enjoy carnival food, and good music. Whenever I find I have time to go to a festival I google one and go! I personally recommend Arts, Beets, and Eats in Royal Oak and The Jazz Festival in Detroit, but you can find more here: http://www.michigan.org/fairs-festivals  

5. Visit Belle Isle
Belle Isle is amazing! You could spend all day there! They have everything such as a zoo, a museum, and an aquarium. You could save even more by packing a picnic! It's everything in one on Belle Isle! I could tell you how beautiful it is but you have to go see it for yourself!

I hope that all of my suggestions helped you find a perfect place for your next fun day in Michigan with out breaking the bank. Go out and enjoy our great state!