2017 Spokester Search: Hannah H.

Hannah is a 20-year-old from Saint Clair Shores

Hannah's Situation

My name is Hannah Haynes and I am a senior at Wayne State University where I double major in accounting and communication studies. As an accounting major I've acquired skills in the field and as a student that I believe will help further my ability not only in the professional world but as a spokesperson for Michigan First credit union. I currently work for DTE energy in the central billing group, and this summer will work for Deloitte, the number one big four accounting firm, in the audit group. While in school and working I spend my spare time working out, this summer I will compete in my first powerlifting competition. I love fitness, finance, and having fun!

Blog Post

Its finally summer and you’re excited to spend a weekend in Traverse City, Visit the sand dunes or take in the beautiful Mackinac Island, the sun is out and you’re ready. You plan your trip and when you see the estimate your eyes pop out of their sockets! Fear not! Although traveling can be expensive try these five tips to lower costs when planning your next Michigan getaway. 

1. First and foremost, have an expense chart, a travel budget, gather the hotel rate, mileage/gas, food expense, and entertainment etc. and create a chart of all of those expenses so you have a clear and precise idea of how much money you will need! Find a sloid number that you will allot for each category and stick to that budget to ensure you have the best stress free vacation.

2. Plan ahead! When I travel I google each restaurant to make sure they are in my price range. Food is often more expensive during dinner, so plan ahead, have lunch be your primary meal instead of dinner! (Get that lunch rate!!!) Also, If I plan on renting something, for instance a canoe, go online first, many places have a place where they may charge a different rate depending on the time of day or a cheaper rate if you book in advance. This will allow you to save money and time! Also Groupon it UP! Groupon is a website that compiles deals based on your location, this will help find cheaper activities! 

3. Organize your finances, once you plan ahead and create an expense chart, you will then execute your plan. Leading up to your vacation, financially discipline yourself, stay at home instead of going out with the gang, cook your meals at home instead of eating lunch/dinner out. Utilize the free Michigan First Budgeting tab on your online banking account. This will itemize your expenses in two categories; income and expense, and will also allow you to create your own as well. And from there you can view it as yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly daily budget. By staying on top and on task you will have the ability to track your spending and make cuts where necessary to prepare for a fun and financially savvy trip!

4. Now that you’re almost there financially, if possible, check the city website for events. Sometimes different events or holidays may cause a drastic increase in prices as it is a peak time. If at all possible look to book your travel during the week, try to avoid large events or a holidays to ensure you save the most money! Remember it’s the same place just less busy time.

5. HAVE FUN! You’ve booked, budgeted, organized, and planned! Tts finally time to take off! Enjoy a stress free vacation in Pure Michigan. Stay within your budget by downloading the Michigan First Credit Union app to manage your money real time, and set spending alerts on your account now sit back, relax, and have blast!