2017 Spokester Search: Chanté J.

Chanté is a 23-year-old from Warren

Chanté's Situation

Hello, my name is Chanté Jackson. I am 23 years old. I live in Warren Michigan with my parents. I am a medical claims specialist at my current job and I start at Wayne State University in the fall for the social work program. I am also the next Young and Free Michigan Spokester.! Nice to meet you.

Blog Post

Planning a vacation can be very stressful. As far as where to stay, to rent a car or to not rent a car, where to go or not to go. However, what if I told you that it doesn't have to be.? Yes, that's correct it doesn't.! No need for any stress on planning the ultimate Michigan vacation. I am going to give you five ways on how you can plan this ultimate vacation and save money all at the same time. First, we are going to focus on the doing some research on the where. Hotels can be pretty pricey; however depending on the area you book the hotel in and depending on how early the room is booked can help. Waiting to the last minute to book a hotel room can be a big no no. So let's make sure you do the research and book early. Secondly, we are going to prioritize as far a budget. What are some things that are super fun to do in the area that you are in and cheap too. In Michigan there are plenty of activities to do, especially in the inner city Detroit. There is the famous Motown museum "HitsVille USA" there is the science museum. The third thing to do is travel light however travel according no need for extra things that you do need becaus that will make you spend more. He fought I want to touch basis on is a car rental; nowadays we have upbers who needs a car anymore because then you have to worry about gas and that ain't cheap. The last thing is make sure on his vacation your are open and flexible to trying new thing to have fun.