2017 Spokester Search: A'sheir F.


A'sheir is a 19-year-old from Lincoln Park

A'sheir's Situation

I ave been trying to set up a successful Youtube channel. My content is creative and is based on introducing people back to basics of every day life including its struggles and its joys. I have plans to include many aspects of where I live. By blogging and vlogging my commutes to Detroit City, Ann Arbor and the fun events in these places. This is a passion of mine and I am so excited that there is an opportunity to do something I LOVE near me!

Blog Post


#1) Spend time with the locals! Just like any vacation spot no tourist can bring you to the very heart of your destination like the people who live there! Airbnb is an app that helps you to choose the place and home type of your choice, whether its a place with a view or has a homey cottage feel to. Its safe easy and very low priced.

#2) Save your taxi money for souvenirs! Research and find a lively area that has everything you need in one place, food, dancing, history, art museums! When your ready to take the party somewhere else since you planned ahead you can walk there instead of taking a taxi or Uber.

#3) Spend your money wisely. When it comes to making the choice between a 3 dollar cotton candy or a 3 dollar bracelet, eating prior to a full meal, you will be satisfied with getting the bracelet that will last longer than the cotton candy. Its easy to apply, just ask yourself "what lasts longer?"

#4) Buy small things that add up over time! Instead of going straight to the most expensive shoes or purse at Sommerset Mall, in Troy Michigan, rack up on little things like nail polish, pens, bracelets, rings, earrings, candles. Its a lot more fulfilling to spend 30 dollars on an assortment than one item.

#5) Decide exactly what you want beforehand. Make the decision to get one thing and one thing only, If your artistic you may want a painting, pottery, or you love makeup or sports. Traveling is about being who you are at home and broadening your spectrum to see another form of that at your destination. Its about creating new experiences and bringing back a piece of where you've been. Cater to what you enjoy.