2017 Spokester Search: Amani P.

Amani is a 21-year-old from Clinton Township

Amani's Situtation

My name is Amani Pewitt and I can’t wait to be the next Michigan First Young and Free Spokster.
I am a student at Macomb Community College pursuing a degree in the skilled trade industry. I love the fact that I am a young woman who is following her dream career in a male-dominated field. I greet each day with “a dare to be different” attitude; ready to meet new people and experience new opportunities. My ultimate goal is own a manufacturing company which produces socially conscious and economically responsible equipment for the healthcare industry.

I am a crafter at heart who believes everyone has the ability to get in touch with their creative side. I use my creativity to crochet, sew, paint, and make delicious chocolate candies. 
In fact, I share information about my creations on my “Maggie Rae Crafts” Instagram page.

I am super excited about the opportunity to be the next Michigan First Young and Free Spokster ! I love to travel, especially exploring some of the hidden treasures in Michigan. I can’t wait to share my vacation tips and tricks with Michigan First customers.

Blog Post

Michigan is a great state with 5 great lakes and many beautiful beaches, parks and cities to visit. 
Here are 5 ways for the Young and Free crowd to save money on a Michigan vacation. 
Planning ahead is perhaps the most important part of saving money on a Michigan vacation.
As you prepare travel around the great state of Michigan you need to have a plan so you can save money. When you plan ahead you have time to research the fun places and activities in Michigan.

A great tool for saving money as you plan a fun vacation or even just an inexpensive day trip is the Pure Michigan website! This website has great information about the amazing cities and events in Michigan.

Here are 4 additional quick money saving tips for planning a “Young and Free” vacation in Michigan.
• Budget! Budget! Budget (The “Young and Free” need to save money )
• Visit “Hot Spots” at a low cost(free attractions and events)
• Do a day trip or vacation close to home. (Michigan has great beaches and parks everywhere) 
• Travel with a group(Get group discounts and enjoy traveling with your “Young and Free” friends.)
Visit Pure Michigan @ http://www.michigan.org/ to make your vacation a success.