2017 Spokester Search: Altemecia M.

Altemecia is a 25-year-old from Warren

Altemecia's Situation

Hi guys, I'm the 1 and Only Altemecia Martin. 

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I submit my interest for the position of 2017 Young and Free Spokester! My passion and success within the Media and Video Production (Don't forget my extrovert personality) makes me the perfect candidate for this position. Throughout the course of my career, I have successfully completed internships with various television stations and currently work as a Camera operator for a Television station called The Word Network. I also previously held a position within Google as a optimization specialist where I guided and advised various business owners with marketing and advertising for their company. My most recent job was for Financial Education Services, I was an adviser for credit restoration. My job was to help people dispute negative inquiries that were on their credit report. I would be a great asset to your company with my proven professional and business oriented work ethic, my enthusiasm, and positive attitude. I am a team player but also take pride in any leadership positions I have held. My goal is to apply my skills and talents to Rep the Young & Free Brand to add value to the brand and accept and achieve all learning opportunities that I encounter while holding this position.

Thank you for your consideration. 
Hope to see you soon.

Blog Post

I know everyone wishes that they could just hop in their car and go. Ummmmmm Not so easy speedy Gonzales lol . You have to be smart and plan it out. No worry that’s what I’m here for.

Five ways to save money on a Michigan vacation:

1. Transportation: How are you going to get there? 
Take Ground transportation for instance a Train or a Bus, Traveling on ground is way cheaper than a plan ticket. Tip: Don’t forget your headphones, a blanket and a Bag full of snacks. Lol I had to learn the hard way.

2. Plan you Meals: Groupon it! I absolutely love Groupon.
Omg! Groupon has Amazing deals you can literally feed four people for the price of two. I know it sounds unbelievable but you have to believe me. Whether you have an Android or an iPhone the app is free. SO please go download the App Groupon you will become a saving guru. You can save money and get deals for the top Restaurants, Spas, Events and so much more. 

3. Car Rental Insurance: If you decide to rent a car use your own Insurance that you have on your personal vehicle. A lot of people don’t know you don’t have to purchase insurance thru the company you can add the rental car on your Insurance policy. COOL RIGHT? That alone saves you between $100-$200 depending on where you go. 

4. Uber or Lyft: The best creation to mankind yet, if you decided to drive don’t worry Uber or Lyft got you covered. The cost is super cheap. Example to go maybe a mile away my total was only $5.50. Now Uber is awesome but Lyft will save you more money. Why you ask? When you sign up with Lyft for the first time your first 5 Rides are free! FREE! Sign up TODAY! WHEW I SHOULD BE GETTING COMMISSION FOR THIS LOL

5. Last but not least Souvenirs! Ughh everybody wants you to bring them something back, knowing dang well you barely had money to eat lol. It’s ok ALTEMECIA to the rescueee!! 
So the plan is to take Super dope pictures of all of Michigan’s most popular landmarks such a (Detroit Institute of Art, Tigers stadium, Henry Ford Museum). Take your pictures to A Wal-Mart or Cvs etc. print them out and mail them to everyone you love. Inexpensive way to show them you care. lol

I hope you guys enjoyed these five ways to save money on a Michigan vacation. Any questions you may have I'm only an Email away! From your fellow Michigander Peace!!