2017 Spokester Search: Ada-Marie E.

Ada-Marie is a 22-year-old from Detroit

Ada-Marie's Situation

I am currently a part time student at the University of Phoenix in pursuit of a bachelors degree in Public Relations/Advertising/Applied Communication. When my head isn't buried in a book, I am working part time at my current employment in retail sales.

Blog Post

It’s the hottest day of the summer, the sun is shining, the perfect day to break out that new crop-top or those new kicks. Last weekend you were Netflix and chill’n all alone, and you refuse to let that be a repeat this weekend. So you’re wondering, “what’s the wave for the day”, but you remember it's not your pay week and you have to ball on a budget until next Friday. Well lucky for you, Michigan is choc-full of places and things to do for the low. From being a kid for the day and going to the Detroit Zoo, hitting the beach in Silver Beach County, trying something totally new with the CSI Homicide Detectives Escape Room; or head to downtown Detroit to visit the Riverwalk! Hungry? Get a deep dish from Pizza Papalis, grab a delicious shawarma from the well known Bucharest Grill, or satisfy your craving for a good ole’ coney dog and chili cheese fries from one of the many Coney Island's located around the city of Detroit. No wheels? No worries! You can ride anywhere in downtown Detroit on the Detroit People Mover for only $0.75, or hop on the new QLine Detroit and travel Downtown, Midtown, and the New Center for 3 hours priced at $1.50 or ride the entire day for only $3.00! And if you're looking for something lowkey, you can always just walk around with friends and create your own fun. There are so many things to do, this is just the surface.