2017 Spokester Search: Abriana W.

Abriana is a 18-year-old from Detroit

Abriana's Situation

Hey! I'm sure many of you can relate when I say that life gets wild. I am enrolled at Wayne State University studying Broadcast Journalism. Aside from my academic responsibilities I also intern at Oh So Radio and pursue other opportunities to expand my knowledge and experience like launching my website BriFromTheD.com and collaborating with other platforms and creatives. Juggling the several hats I wear is a challenge but it's my passion and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Blog Post

How To Survive a Weekend Vacation in Michigan with $100
By Abriana Walton

Are you ever truly “bored”, or are you just not aware of all the fun things available to do? Maybe you know of things to do but can’t fathom coughing up money on an overpriced excursion. Don’t worry, here are a few steps of how to save money during a fun weekend with your friends!

1. Groupon is your friend!
Coupons are no longer just associated with baby boomers in grocery stores. Services like groupon are gold mines of deals and packages for restaurants and fun activities. $100 on groupon will put professionals like Joann The Scammer to shame. 

2. We’re surrounded by 5 lakes…Use Them!
Native Michiganders, especially city dwellers, often overlook the states natural geography as a source of entertainment. A day trip on any interstate in Michigan will land you at 1 of the 5 lakes that surround it. Spend a day swimming, fishing, and having an overall good time for next to nothing. A trip like this requires gas, food, and maybe a few games that could definitely cost less than $100.

3. Free is Key!
Another overlooked, and possibly cliché, option would be to attend the museums and galleries that are free to Michigan residents. Learning and immersing yourself in cultural environments provide meaningful experiences. It’s also a great photo opp. 

4. Visit your city’s official website for events
VisitDetroit.com, for example, lists the festivals and fair that occur throughout the summer. Most events are free and include live music and an opportunity to support small businesses!

Remember when embarking on your journey to always allot a portion of your funds for emergencies and transportation, avoid spending every cent of your money, and most importantly have fun.