Teresa Czeiszperger

More than any other generation to date, my generation innovates. My generation creates things that have never been created before, though we are still of young ages. We inspire each other to try our hardest: if we succeed, we succeed together. If we fail, we take it in stride and keep working towards our goals. We never give up. We are set apart from other generations because we have access to more resources than any other group that came before us. As it is the twenty first century, my generation has access to all of the knowledge that has been gathered prior to our births. We have access to the victories, the defeats, the innovations of the past. We are able to take this knowledge, and mold it to make it our very own. We can take these successes and expound upon them. We can take these failures and turn them into something great. We take advantage of these resources: we are diligent, we are driven, and we are champions. However, we should not credit all of this success to ourselves alone. We have the past generations to thank, for bestowing their knowledge upon us. We have our parents, our grandparents, our great-grandparents to look to as examples. These past generations have told us their mistakes, they have told us how to live our lives as perfectly as possible. They have told us not to repeat the same faults that they experienced. My generation thirsts for any insight that there is to offer. We recognize the power in this knowledge, we modernize it, and we make something of it. We create something from nothing. We are bound together by the idea of a “generation,” and we take this bond seriously. We are in this life together, simply because we were born within a few years of each other. We are all connected in this way. As we age, we will begin to make differences in the world. We have the knowledge of the past, and we have the prospect of the future to make a change. Together we, the generation of the twenty first century, have the power to rise together. We will use these tools to innovate in the modern world. This is my generation: this is our time.