Teanna Davis


I think that my generation is better at managing their money better than other generations. I think this because a large amount of baby boomers have hundreds of thousands of dollar in credit card debt. A lot of kids my age know and, have known for a while, how to use a credit card. The housing market has decreased drastically due to the fact that generations before mine would buy houses they knew they couldn't afford. Today there are various classes in schools on how to properly manage money. Which is probably a major reason why my generation is better at managing money than other generations. a large percent of the US population does not have any money saved in case of emergencies, including my mom. I on the other hand started an emergency fund as soon as I started working, and so have many of the people in my grade. I personally always learned that managing money was important because so many of my teachers would teach their students how to. My generation was raised learning how to sufficiently manage our money so it only makes sense that we do it better than another generation. Don't get me wrong, my generation is impulsive so if we see something we will get it; but we won't get it if that means going into debt. My generation is young so we usually aren't in debt at this age but many of us are able to get a credit card. Since we know how to use a credit card it will be harder for us to allow ourselves to go into debt. Overall since my generation knows more about money at our age than other generations did at the same age, my generation can better handle our money.