Tavia Harris

The most beautiful feature of my generation is the use of memes. What sets my generation apart from previous ones is that now, we can all interact and create memes in less than a minute. We can share recent trends, political news, and of course, pictures of cats. Memes are rapidly growing as part of our culture and are a way for us to express ourselves to a wide audience.

They unite us all, no matter what race, social class, or gender; memes are the glue that holds our society together. My generation's common language is memes because they are relatable, funny, and enjoyed by all. Sharing memes provides a sense of community among others my age and it is amazing to see the vast websites dedicated specifically for memes. I'm grateful that I am a part of a time period where I can escape my problems-momentarily- by looking at humorous images with captions. In other generations, comedy had to be told by mouth or from books and movies. Now, we can easily send comical images to our friends and family in a matter of seconds.

The evolution of memes represents the growth of my generation. We post what we find interesting or important and can openly share our ideas with our peers. The people of my generation are sharing memes more and more often on social media sites. This system is unlike any form of communication we have previously had. The brief language and slang in memes is understood by all as ordinary speech. Memes are made to be short and witty and do not need explanation due to their raw simplicity.

Not only do memes provide quick amusement, but they also provide a platform to invite others to edit them and tell their own jokes. This allows each individual to feel a sense of social involvement. The increasing popularity of memes in my generation shows how we have grown closer to each other and bonded over similarities in our lives. The beauty of this new communication lies not only in its simple, yet effective nature, but also the way that it provides an outlet for my generation to be ourselves.