Tasha Young

Life is all about progression. You take one step to get to the next and it improves each time. This goes right along with the progression of each generation. There are many different things that each generation may go through and may do better than the other, it’s inevitable. Each generation helps each other, but each generation gets better and better. The many generations before mine may have done things to help this generation get to where it is now, but I feel that my generation has done a little better. I feel as though my generation is better at executing the given “blueprint”.

It is so amazing to see my generation come together and stick with each other no matter our skin color, religion, or sexual preference. In previous generations, it was often forbidden to intermingle with those that differ from each other. Many people were judged just because someone couldn’t look past a label. Some felt the need for this to change. My generation looks past that, and just accepts people for who they are. Now of days it is common to find a young person to say, that we do not like labels. A label doesn’t mean very much to us. We just want to come together and to be one.

I am absolutely proud to say, that my generation will not back down and take no for an answer. We fight for what we believe in and will continue until we receive the right outcome. It is amazing to see a generation that faces so many different obstacles, come together and fight back against so many injustices. This can range from bullying, sexism, and racism. To successfully do so, my generation uses technology. We use technology as a way to spread out our ideas and help support a cause.

My generation often uses Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat Pinterest, and etc., to get our message across or execute the “blueprint”. My generation can get a movement started just by making a simple hashtag. This movement can be started in just a matter of seconds. You can ask anyone one of us, and I am pretty sure that it will be known that our parents and grandparents do not know what a hashtag is. This shows how much my generation cares about the things that are going on in our lives.

It is very true that the previous generations have provided the “blueprint”, but it is also true that my generation is better at executing it. We were given the plan to come together and to fight for what we believe in, and we have done so. We work night and day and sometimes get no sleep just so we can see the changes that need to take place. My generation works together and does not take no for an answer. This shows exactly what I believe that my generation does better.