Shamya Harris

I think my generation is better at accepting new challenges. Even if we come across things we may not like and we know it’ll benefit us, were still going to take the challenge. My peers or even family members around my age would work hard to do things that they know will pay off. Even though accepting new challenges could be a good thing, it could also be a bad thing. Many teenagers in my generation accept challenges that aren’t always positive for them. Doing these things would lead to consequences, but we have to learn from our mistakes. This is what makes us different but also a strong generation because we’re always ready for what’s about to come at us. 

One example of a challenge for my generation is adjusting to the use of technology. Technology is used all around and is sometimes needed for things to function. Now, schools depend heavily on technology, which is needed for students to successfully learn or gain knowledge. This can be challenging for some students because not everyone has full access to technology, which could interfere with our education. With teachers creating websites for homework help and collection getting assignments done could be hard for students to do, but my generation would make this situation easier by spending time at the library or staying after school. Little things like that could make a situation 100% better, which is something my generation is great at doing.

Along with the adjustment to technology, our generation shows a great example of accepting challenges by using problem solving skills. If we come across an issue that needs to be fixed, we would try to come up with ways to solve the problem. I once had an issue with being able to buy the things I wanted, so I solved it by getting a job, but I had a bigger issue once I got the job- no transportation. In this situation, I had to figure out how I was going to get back and forth from work and I solved the problem by using public transportation. Another example of problem solving is when my friends at school had a hard time getting good grades in their math class, so they got together after school and created a study group, and as a result, their scores improved. The drive that my generation has to solve our problems shows the ability we have to face new challenges.

With my generation having the ability to come up with solutions to problems and being able to adjust to the use of technology, we are able to overcome any problem throw at us. My generation would rather face a problem instead of turn it down, and even if the challenge was turned down, we would still have to face it sooner or later. I think that my generation’s way of thinking shapes us into who we are now, which will have a positive effect on our success in the future.