Rose Thomas

Generation Z also known as the “Digital Generation”, can be classified as being technology driven, politically engaged, and being accustomed to communication advances. This generation has proven to be better at the use of technology driven communication for the purposes of being more attentive and knowledgeable as it relates to social and political issues despite how “young” we are.

The Digital Generation grew up at the peak of the social media era. Social media, such as video telephony carries advantages, allowing this generation to be better in using technology to conveniently stay in touch with friends, family, like- minded people, and business contacts who are far distances away. Using video telephony technology, such as Facetime or Skype has shown the advantage of families connecting frequently to stay in touch and have real face time versus historically only having the accessibility of voice time or annual visits.

From a social perspective, media outlets, such as video telephony and social networking, has an abundance of information on current daily news founded in the palm of our hands. Having the latest news and updates instantly allows the Digital Generation, time to prepare for the worst, including disasters, natural and man-made, urgent notices, such as missing children and political announcements. The accessibility to instant communication allows this generation to be more responsive socially and politically in comparison to previous generations who had to wait hours for current event updates.

From a political perspective, the Digital Generation, communicating through technology for political or social mobilization in real time allows the organization of resources, mapping routes, obtaining approvals and ensuring objectives stay in sync are made possible. The Digital Generation, has proven that age does not define who can bring change in the world. In 2013, the Black Lives Matter movement was founded soon after the death and trial of Trayvon Martin went viral on social media. Within the Digital Generation, kids sought out a need for change from the atrocities that were happening within their community and mobilized peacefully in a short period. Another example, includes the world-wide attention gained surrounding the Flint Water Crisis. In more recent news, people in my generation have spoken out on issues that were brought to light during the most recent presidential campaign. Society may put a label on us, the Digital Generation, but we continue to prove them wrong.

All in all, there is no doubt the Digital Generation, my generation, has surpassed other generations as it relates to the use of technology to effectively communicate using social media, such as video telephony to connect with friends, family, business colleagues and like-minded persons for social, political and professional purposes. Social media allows my generation to be more responsive and knowledgeable as it relates to social and political issues despite how “young” we are.