Raymond Mitchell

Since our inception my generation has been dormant while living in a room void of light. This room is filled with immaculate and unblemished potential. Suddenly in this crepuscular and thought to be uninhabited room a speck of light gleams in the shadowy darkness. More and more of these specks start to appear to soon embody a collection of effulgent light bulbs and shimmering diamonds. When you think of light-bulbs and diamonds people often think of being phosphorescent and while that is true of my generation, light bulbs and diamonds can also symbolize innovation and impartiality towards constructive direction. In addition to shining stars in the bottomless sky, we also represent the qualities of light bulbs and diamonds that can be polished to shine even brighter and better than ever before. One of my all time favorite activists and role models, Mahatma Gandhi, stated that "The future depends on what we do in the present." When I think about my generation, I often think about our ability to see past the impossible. Whenever we come up against obstacles or challenges, we never see them as such, we see them rather as opportunities. Opportunities to prove ourselves better and stronger because we are to concerned about the future to let an obstacle keep us in the past. Members of past generations often look at us as and misconstrue all they see. They look at us and see a generation that is so infatuated with technology. They look down upon us as if we're lost in a maze and have no primary concern of finding our way out, but that is where the misconception lies. We're the future, which is why it is and always will be our primary concern. Yes we are blessed with the gift of technology and we're able to bask in all its glory, but technology is only a figment of the bigger purpose. We can not choose the time we're born, only the time can choose us. This is the time that was designated for us, a time of where the media has played a significant role in the world like never before, a time where technology has helped to advance the way of life for millions of people, a time where we can utilize our voice to speak about issues that matter to us in a safe space. What does my generation do better than anyone else? Be those light bulbs and diamonds that improve the quality of life for thousands of people, be those light bulbs and diamonds that keep the American dream alive and prosperous, be those light bulbs and diamonds that inspire the future artists, engineers, and business moguls of the modern world. That is what my generation does better than anyone else. Achieve and inspire despite the struggles that we have to endure. Henry Rollins once stated that "Strength is the product of struggle, you must do what others don't to achieve what others won't." This is what we do better.