Nwanyioma Osisiogu

Growing up as an American citizen from a foreign land, I have never fully understood why adults always emphasized a child's importance. On multiple occasions I would overhear the phrase "The children are our future.", only to deliberately allow it to slip my mind. I originate from Nigeria, and am the proud kin to first generation college graduate parents. I have grown to not only learn my importance, but to also keep my history in mind. When discussing why our generation is better than any other, I personally feel that is an unsuitable way of asking the question. However, rather than answering why my generation is better, why not underline what makes us more capable of leading the future generations to a better tomorrow? Every parent dreams that one day their child will be able to function independently without making the same mistakes that they once made. Our parents supply us with not only their mistakes and accomplishments, but also the accomplishments and failures of their parents, in hopes that we will build upon that knowledge and do better.

As time progresses, we see the innovative world swiftly ameliorating. Before our eyes we are able to witness inventions that would not have been thought of as possible years ago. My generation is the key to what is the future. As we live with a growing interest in the STEM fields, we are opening our minds to things that will benefit us in later life. Technology is something that we were born into, giving us a better understanding of how things work and which things need improvement. The digital world is something that is being enhanced everyday, and my generation has gained the talent to be quick learners. With the click of a button we are able to reach out to loved ones, send pictures, and share updates about our lives. We have grasped a level of understanding with technology, that even we ourselves can not fully understand. From quick searches to find home remedies to having the prior knowledge of how to remove viruses from a computer, we have the capability to access the world's knowledge through devices that only we grasp a thorough understanding for. 

We have grown from a secluded and restricted world to one that allows us to broadcast our thoughts and feelings as we please. Through acceptance of religion, color, and sexual orientation, we have opened our eyes to a brighter future where discrimination is not acceptable. America is a home where we are able to express ourselves without the fear of judgement. We are the generation that will lead the future generation for these reasons alone. To be able to live life as you truly desire is what will allow us to earn the title as "The Better Generation". Not because we have the tools needed to make a change, but because we have taken it into our hands to pick up those tools and put them to good use.