Nichelle Clark

I think my generation does a better job of inclusiveness, and embracing the ideas, cultures, and differences of all people, better than any other generation before.  We have had the opportunity to attend school together, live in a diverse community, and work together.  These interactions have made us less likely to judge others based on their race, background, interests, ignorance, and fear.  My generation has made an effort to understand the different cultures and lifestyles. We care about each other and want equality for all. I have witnessed many different acts of love and kindness from people my own age. Many high schools have fostered opportunities of inclusiveness.  There has been a conscience effort to recognize and to understand the differences and similarities that we share.  In my high school, there are different clubs for all types of people.  These clubs are open to all to attend.   The African American Awareness Club, the Muslim Club, the Gay-Straight Alliance, and the Earth Club, are just a few efforts to recognize and appreciate diversity among us.  More and more people are taking the initiative to connect with others. We chose to unite as one instead of dividing. Not only that, we show acceptance to those who are different. Every day we are striving to change what is considered to be the “norms” of society.

I would also say we are a generation of hope and dreamers. We believe that we can make a difference.   From a young age, we are told the different job positions that we should one day strive for. Instead of confining ourselves to “society's norms”, our generation chooses to be different. We are constantly beating the odds, even when everyone is telling us we cannot do it. With everything that is going on in America, we are still keeping hope alive.  We are a group of believers who believe that each action that each of us takes can have an extraordinary impact on our society at large.