Minya Bell

I think my generation is better at using and understanding technology. My generation is better at using cell phones, computers, and social media.

My generation knows how to use cell phones for navigation, searching online, calculating figures, taking pictures and making videos, texting, and as part of a security system to help monitor homes. My generation uses cell phones for navigation which include MapQuest, Google, and other apps which help us get to places where we want to go. We use cell phones for searching online for all kinds of information. We use calculators on cell phones for math problems, calculating bills, and helping with completing income taxes. My generation uses cell phones to take pictures and make videos which are better than many of the cameras used by previous generations today. Texting was not available for previous generations. My generation can text with our thumbs. We have our own vocabulary for texting, such as “u” for you and “lol” for laugh out loud. We can use cell phones as part of a security system to help monitor our homes. We can be out of town and still see what’s going on in our homes by using our cell phones.

Computers are another form of technology that my generation is better at using. Today’s computers are much smaller, smarter, and some more complicated. There are different types of computers, such as, personal computers, laptops, tablets, which all have different purposes and capabilities. Computers are able to work quicker because of how advanced they are. Communication has changed over the years because of computers. My generation has mastered the computer better than previous generations who sometimes, find this type of technology confusing. 

My generation is better at using social media than previous generations, because we use it all the time. There are different types of social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, just to name a few. These websites allow us to communicate and share information with large groups of people. Generations years ago, for instance, relied only on a home telephone, an answering machine, or a pager. Communication has definitely improved over the years due to social media. My generation is much more advanced than previous generations due to the understanding of our technology today.