Mickale Mckithen

81% of my generation has a digital footprint.83% of Americans have a social media account, 89% of teens use social media. What does my generation do better than any other generation: Social Media. We use social media to be discovered, to help marketers, and to self express ourselves to the world.. We like to take pictures, share posts, and send likes to millions. We have made social media the most powerful thing to the world today.

My generation uses social media for publicity. Social Media has made it possible for civilians who were unknown to the world to becoming worldwide celebrities. For instance, Susan Boyle was a 47 year old who was unknown to the music industry. Thanks to social media, she’s now a recording artist and her first album was the number one best selling album on charts around the globe. Athletes also use social media to become sensations just like Alex Tanney. He was an undrafted quarterback with a long shot of making it to the pros. Then, he makes a Youtube video that got out to NFL general managers. He’s currently playing for the Tennessee Titans. Model Kate Upton also use social media to gain success. She struggled to find work until she posted a video of her dancing. She was then able to find work advertising and starred in the movie “The Other Woman.” My generation helps people become stars and icons to others.

Since social media is at the front of my generation and influences futures, marketers have taken notice. Brands uses social media to push their products towards teens and children. Also, brands use social media icons such as youtubers, people on instagram, and people who have millions of fans on Twitter to commercialize their brands on their social media page. Social Media benefits both marketers and celebrities. Celebrities make an average of $75000 per Instagram Ad and $30000 per tweet. My generation encourages brands to be more communicative on social media. It has led to more teens buying their products and brands making more money and creating new customers.

Generation Z uses social media as their diary or daily journal. We post things when we are feeling good, feeling bad, feeling happy, and when we’re feeling sad. We have made other generations become more expressive to others through social media.My generation encourages everyone to post their life so others can tell their life to the people. In fact, 62% of adults (age 65 & older) uses social media. That stat is because of my generation, Generation Z.

Eventually, 100% of the modernized planet will use social media. They will use it for sharing photos, keeping in touch with friends, promoting themselves musically and athletically and social media will be a tool used to create a smaller more marketable global community where individuals and organizations are connected through the click of a button. What does my generation do better than any other generation: We made the world a smaller better place for mankind.