Mattie Walton


Smart phones and iPads are to Generation Y, what walk-mans and adding machines were to my mother’s generation. My generation is better at utilizing technology than previous generations because it is our first language. Because we are so comfortable with this new technology, Generation Y has a new way of presenting its creativity and talents to the world. It was made for us and we instinctively use it. For example, Shawn Mendes and Tori Kelly are talented singers who rose to fame through Vine, a social media platform. These days, people are making a career out of Youtubing, something that was unheard of a generation ago. 

Although social media can be an amazing resource there is also a downside. My generation is also known for its carelessness and lack of empathy. So, we should make ourselves aware of how we sometimes misuse social media. Everything is happening so fast that words can be said before we are aware of the harm words can cause. I’ll never forget the news report of Amanda Todd’s suicide, in 2012, after being bullied by an online stalker. There have been countless cases of people in my generation either killing themselves or being emotionally harmed by cyberbullying. 

With the many pros technology and social media offer, there are many cons that cancel out the positives. We must learn how to rectify the cons of social media before it ruins our generation. However, I believe the pros outweigh the cons and that my generation can use this new technology to improve humanity. For example, solar powered sustainable computers are helping students in some rural parts of Africa. While, there is no end to what my generation can do with technology because it is our first language. We must be careful to use it wisely and with empathy.