Marsalis Brockman


My generation is great! We are awesome! Many of our contemporaries just don't see it. We take a lot of ridicule from older generations however; the ridicule received may be well deserved. It seems as though we never are given credit for the good
things that we do well collectively. Yes, there is a lot of violence in my generation, yes, there is a lot of hate and yes and yes, there is a lot of disrespect, but that is only a small piece of a huge pie. 

My generation does a lot of things well and one thing they do better than any prior generation is encourage one another. We live in a time where negative things are always the first things shown and the most things shown, while positive things are not. My generation always does one thing if they do not do anything else and that is encourage. To encourage is to give support or hope and I feel my generation does this better than any other generation. 

Until the end of last year I was overweight. No one ever ridiculed me about my weight, but I was very self conscious about it and it greatly hurt my self esteem. I felt so defeated. After being unsuccessful on a shopping trip; I realized that I had to make a change. I told my friends that I was planning to to lose weight and they gave me a reaction I did not expect. They completely supported me. They told me that they would help me if I needed it and that gave me all the hope I needed to shed the pounds. With the encouragement from my peers I went from 235 pound to 175 pounds in under 6 months. When I posted pics of my progress in Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram friends and strangers would support me. They gave me tips on exercise and diet regimes that worked. My friends were kind, helpful and supportive.  

I have also been able to witness many in my generation show support and encourage their grandparents. Many of our grandparents have grown older but many have physical challenges. I along with many of my friends help assist their grandparents. This is a norm for my generation. We take care of our grandparents and we don't complain about it. My generation supports older generations. The support we give the older generations is a testament to the strength of our encouragement. It gives the older generations hope for our generation when we encourage them and it gives them a breath of life. 

Despite the faults of my generation we are still great. No one is perfect which also means no generation is perfect. As this generation continues to grow into adulthood I have nothing, but high expectations for us as a whole. We will be the generation that changes the world. It is up to us to build a legacy and we can only hope that the following generations will keep it alive.