Mariah Stevens


There they were in the living flesh! The pictures with Stevie Wonder were imprisoned on the stranger’s iPhone! Madison and I just performed a tap piece for him, with our dance school director Mrs. Hunt watching by our side. It was fantastic! And yet, here we stand unable to get the tangible proof of this memory. Madison and I examined the situation. “Yeah I’ll send the pictures to you,” the master of the phone said to Mrs. Hunt. “Ok!” she replied. “Ok?” I thought in my head. The conversation between this older generation bamboozled me. How are we supposed to get these pictures if she doesn’t even have her number! Technological illiteracy was the barrier to our predicament. I laughed to myself. Madison and I looked at each other. We both knew that if we leave out of here without those pictures, best believe, we will never see them again. 

“Let’s just airdrop them!” I finally said enthusiastically. “Ok, how do you do that?” the stranger asked. We grabbed the two phones and worked our magic. We were able to leave that vicinity in peace of mind with relief of a successful mission. It is times like these that sets my generation apart. We are the thinkers, the innovators, and the risk takers. We encompass these aspects better than anyone else. We act fast upon our feet and want to make a huge impact on society. We are the audacious ones and will circumvent all obstacles that block our vision. We are the generation that grabbed the torch from what our ancestors fought for to continue on the path that they paved for us. We are the “iGen,” the sons and daughters of the millennials and baby boomers. Although we can sometimes be too invested in ourselves with short attention spans, this world would never be the same without all 2 billion of us! We gave America the first African-American President, swarmed the world with the power of social media, and we consist of the highest numbers in achieving a post graduate education. 

We adapt, we grow, and we learn. We are conscious and not afraid to speak our opinions. We hear the wisdom from our predecessors and use it to form our own creations. We do not directly follow the information given, but we instead use the information to create something much more spectacular. Because of this mindset, we now have hologram keyboards, virtual reality, and 3D pens. We do not want to make the same mistakes as the previous generations, but we want to instead improve the circumstances that society lives in. Although we are young, time is on our side, and we will not let it go to waste. The world hasn’t seen nothing yet. We are, the centennials!