Maia McCleary

“ WHERE’S MY PHONE? HAVE YOU SEEN MY PHONE???!!” How many times do you hear those words coming from the mouths of our generation. More than anything, our generation, also known as Millennials, Digital natives, and the Ys born between 1980 and 2000, are definitely shaped by technology. Technology actually defines our generation as a whole. Everywhere you turn there is some sort of electronic device. Nowadays when you see Millennials their devices are very seldom more than a few inches away. Instead of going outside for some physical activity, the teens would rather sit in front of the television and/or play games on our phones. Some adults may feel the Ys using technology every minute of the day is a bad thing and is a huge distraction but actually we have found new, easier, and more exciting ways to live life. Technology has made the world a simpler place and this generation has helped it to evolve. Unlike the baby boomers and generation Xers, we take pride in figuring out new technology with very little effort. There was a time when everything we bought came with a printed User’s Manual booklet. But now, the majority of manuals are E-books. When my mom was young, Saturday was the days for a trip to the neighborhood library to find reference material for your homework. Now, I don’t even have to leave my comfy bed to gather the necessary information needed to complete an assignment. All you have to do is type in a few keywords in Google and there is your answer. In many instances teenagers can even introduce the wide world of technology to those who have yet to master the keyboard. My grandma still doesn’t know how to turn on her flip phone. Technology has enhanced to way we study, work, date and communicate. Technology can be looked at as a distraction and you can also find yourself in dangerous situations if not used properly. It is a way to meet new friends, research for school, and apply for the hundreds of scholarships that are available. Without technology, the world wouldn’t be as advanced as it is now. We are always a step closer to finding new ways to live.