Love Sparks

Our generation is the iPod generation, the cell phone generation, the Snapchat generation -- one that speaks through technology. That is how our voices are heard: through texts and messages. We can use technology to enhance our learning and to be able to talk to loved ones who are unreachable.

We have had our beliefs influenced by real-time news from around the world. Within hours (if not minutes) of major events, we've can report events on websites, tweet right in the middle of the action, and shown everyone on YouTube.

It’s common for us to want what we want when we want it the way we want it. We believe that’s right and realistic; maybe even necessary. We can hear a song on the radio, order it from iTunes, and listen immediately rather than having to drive to a store and buy an entire CD. We can see an ad for a movie, order it from Movies-On-Demand, and watch it immediately.

We are not opposed to investigating a variety of ideas and can easily hold diverse ideas. We're open to learning about everything. We love updated information, updated phones, etc. When something is old, we want to through it out and get a new one.

We believe our voices can be heard by those all across the world. And more important, our methods of communication, because they're saved somewhere on the Internet, are immortal. They never go away. With the Internet and books, our ideas and words remain forever.

As a result, we want to change and improve the world. Many of us have high expectations for themselves and are impatient with slow moving bureaucracies.