Laurielle Hemingway

I know this may sound cliché because it seems like the obvious answer, but personally, I honestly believe our generation is best at utilizing all aspects of technology. We tend to excel in this field far better than any other generation because we've grown up using it. The numerous types of devices and their various methods for use change faster than most people can keep up with. But because we are constantly immersed in it on a daily basis, my generation is an integral part of these changes so we're able to adapt more efficiently than others. Many believe that our innate attachment and dependency on technology is stunting our intellectual growth and hindering our social skills, but I disagree. Growing up with the internet at our fingertips, We have access to an unlimited amount of information on any and every subject imaginable. In addition, we able are to communicate with others more rapidly and efficiently than ever before, keeping in touch with friends, family, and acquaintances all over the world at a moment's notice. Technology has also given us an unexplainable confidence and genuine sense of self. Being able to log on to Twitter, Instagram, or whatever the preferred social media platform has provided us with an outlet where we can let go of pretenses and just be ourselves. Not only does technology give us confidence, it makes us more marketable to many employers. Being able to connect with people internationally on different platforms is an appealing skill that will set us apart when it comes to interviews and desired qualifications while seeking employment. The use of social media and technology has also brought to light many subjects that may have otherwise been overlooked. Many issues like the Native American reserve, the Flint Water Crisis, and the Black Lives Matter movement have now become internationally recognized, allowing an increase of awareness and support that aids in the number of solutions and assistance in implementing them systematically. My generation's knowledge of social media and technology has done nothing but help, and it will always be beneficial as technology continues to advance.