Kraig Sims

"What do you think your generation does better than any other generation? Tell us why."

My generation is the millennial generation. Millennials are growing up in an electronically centered society. We live in a world that is increasingly online and socially-networked. Technology is redefining our experiences in the most unexpected ways. With the advent of many social media outlets such as Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to name a few, information (true or false) is spread at almost the speed of light to the masses within minutes. We have the highest average number of Facebook friends, and statistics state that we send on average approximately 50 texts per day (Source: Pew Research). We retrieve information and communicate that information faster than any other generation. My generation is also more informed because of it. Practically everyone in my generation owns a smart phone. Most of us stay on them constantly. It’s almost like a second appendage. When we hear information, we spread it practically at the speed of light. We also use social networking to broadcast our concerns as well which influences thousands.

My generation is better than any other generation for many reasons. First, we are growing up with computers and the Internet as substitute teachers. Thus, we adjust easily to new programs, operating systems, and devices. Second, because of social media, we are good at self-promotion and networking through online media. Unlike past generations that seek job security, we seek job creativity. We give one hundred percent to succeed, and we embrace failure as a learning opportunity. We aim for the stars, and if we fall, we get right back up and try it a different way. Third, companies are now more global and interactive. My generation is very use to communicating in a one-to-many paradigm, which is a huge plus for many companies. Industries that have been slow to innovate are finally adopting a web and mobile philosophy. Retail stores are fighting to keep up with the likes of Amazon and Ebay. Job seekers with coding and programming skills are desperately sought out by all types of companies right now. Data analytics, video game design, app development, and software design are industries that are seeking millennial workers with tech expertise. But it’s not only about the skills we bring, but it's also about the way we think. It’s about technology and our relationship with it that is changing everything. We are graduating with both academic skills and inbred behavioral skills that companies will need to engage with customers in a much more meaningful way. Having millennial employees on staff to spearhead innovative ideas in mobile and social media programs, for example, is invaluable for any business of any size, place, or industry.