Keith Carpenter


In my opinion, my generation may be one of the best to ever walk on this earth. We are not like any of the past generations, we've been a major contributor to the world evolving quickly because of the rise of technology. My generation has mastered and learned to use technology not only to our advantage but for the goodness of the world. 

Technology has changed the way we operate in life every day. With that being said, we use technology most efficiently and effectively. We are able to use technology as a part of life daily as our main source of communication. We communicate freely through social media and let our opinions be heard. We use it to bring awareness to world issues or to simply voice our opinions in a peaceful way. 

We are the ones who teach past generations how to function in a world that has become foreign in their eyes. Example, the baby boomers barely know how to operate their cell phones. We are the ones showing parents and grandparents how to download apps, send text, and sometimes something as simple as taking pictures just so they can understand things that are now considered basic life skills.

My generation is also more open to change in communicating through technology. We have embraced technology and it is now one of the main sources of communicating. We communicate through different avenues like text, FaceTime,and Skype. Where past generations would view these sources of communication as unacceptable, we've changed the perspective of businesses and educational institutions to see the success in these types of communication. 

We've shown other generations that you can be successful using technology. We've created apps, designed websites, and used technology to show the creative mind at work. 

In conclusion, my generation has not only accepted technology as a part of life, it has made it part of what the world is. As of now, my generation is a trend setter. We set the tone of what is accepted and not accepted and we use the technology to prove it. The world is just waiting to see what we will do next!