Kaylah Winters

Ever since I was young, I could recall a universal problem that my parents and their peers faced - acceptance. It was always so difficult for them. Even for those who traversed that same familiar path of life, they’ve also took on similar challenges. It was always about who was cool enough, who was pretty enough, who was more athletic or popular enough or who went out with who. Yet, my generation has found that magical key that would put this issue seemingly on a stand still. It’s almost as if we’ve found that secret ingredient to put a stop to it altogether. 

As a unified whole we have proven countless upon countless times of our dedication to making sure that the people of this world would be included no matter who they were. My generation has been one that has been blind to color, blind to sex, religion and preference. We've learned to struggle with our fellow peers in their journey to acceptance instead of watch them fight from afar. If one of us gets our hands dirty in the battle of life then we have decided, as a whole, to all work together to make our lives that much more of a better place. 

My generation knows that we must continue to push forward and break social norms in order to make this world something new and fresh. We make sure to keep our minds focused on one another and the betterment of each other because we know that if one of us fails than we all will fail. We’re all connected in the grand scheme of things so it’s imperative for us to make sure that we all rise and soar with flying colors and to spread positivity around to everyone in our community.