Julia Bradley

Generations before the Millennial Generation were scared to be different and step out of the social clothing norms. They were reluctant to embrace their individuality . Girls were supposed to wear skirts or dresses, and boys were supposed to wear pants or suits. When the girl or boy went against this standard dress code, they were looked at as “gay”, “weird”, or “crazy”, because they weren’t following this culturalized clothing system. Because of the possibility of rejection by the public if one decided to dress different, girls stayed in a female’s place, and boy’s stayed in the males place. But the Millennial Generation, the generation that dares to be different, more than any other previous generation creates new trends while embracing a nondiscriminatory style. We may be viewed by other generations like we’re crazy, or attention seekers, but in reality we’re more comfortable and confident with ourselves. We know it’s okay not to abide by the socially traditional clothing style.

Last year rapper and actor Jaden Smith, was the first male to model for Louis Vuitton for their new women’s clothing line. A guy dressing for a Women’s clothing line may seem moronic, but it’s actually a step toward desexulizing clothing norms. Janelle Monae American singer, songwriter, and actress is known for her appearance as she regularly wears suits; something that was once only appropriate if men wore them. The Millennial generation exhibits that it’s okay to dress according to your personal style, without being scared of being called “gay”, “weird”, “crazy”etc. Virtually, the millennial generation represents a generation that has assimilated the codes of true freedom, one that is free of questions about gender, or sexuality. It is vital that one must become comfortable with who they are and be able to express their personality or sense of style through their choice of clothing.The Millennial Generation has taken this task on and succeeded in grand fashion, better than any other generation.