Jolyna Chiangong

I hold in the palm of my hand a mustard seed. It is tremendously minuscule, dully colored, and goes unnoticed. The seed falls from my hand and is swept away--twisting and turning until it lands and becomes lost in the backdrop of the world. It is overlooked and undermined;yet, it holds the potential to grow through adversity into a prodigious tree. This mustard seed is my generation--undermined and overlooked yet still holding immense potential and tenacity which bypass all expectations. 

My generation has grown in a technologically dominate world. Within a mere few seconds, we are able to access endless amounts of information filled with drastically varying ideals and perceptions. We are exposed to opinions which may be offensive and insolent; yet, we have learned to develop a strong mind towards these ideas. In comparison to past generations, the ability to access this abundance of information almost instantaneously was not available and individuals knowledge of worldly ideas was in some ways filtered. My generation, in comparison to others, is very strong in our ability to excel through adverse and discouraging scenarios. What some may consider “over exposure” by the hands of technology has propelled us to hold intellectual prowess when progressing through external discouragement. As with a mustard seed, my generation holds that ability to grow through the most inauspicious conditions because it has the skill of adaptation.

More so, a mustard is minuscule yet holds the potential to grow into a massive tree. It is often said that my generation may be the one to turn out worse than the previous generations. It is this opposition which quenches our thirst and unique passion and drive to succeed. We are living in a time of continuous innovation, hence my generation has learned to see the many pathways towards success. Often times, our means of advancement are quite different from those of the past but it is through our decision to take a different route that we are leading towards a new breed of leaders to fit the changing times. As a mustard seed is overlooked due to its size, we are undermined for being too “fast paced” or obsessed with “instant gratification”. One must realize that this external perception leads to my generation's progression. We face so much opposition that we have utilized it to feed our hunger to feast in prosperity. 

In totality, our ability to progress through adversity is a characteristic which my generation does better than any other. We use the knowledge of the past to advance in the present and for the future. My generation learned from the civil rights movement to partake in the Black Lives Matter Movement. My generation learned from the ideas and methods of the Women's Rights and Suffrage Movements to help organize the Women’s March. My generation is a mustard seed. We may be considered small and overlooked but this drives our immense desire to succeed and progress through adversity into the massive tree of a mustard seed.