Jeremy Cooper

“What do you think your generation does better than any other generation?”

Over the generations there has been an extreme advancement in technology. From pay phones to cell phones, desktops to laptops, and cd’s to Bluetooth. I think my generation does communication technology better than any other generation before. We understand and embrace the social exposure with its ups and downs. We can’t imagine communication without being able to chat with someone next door, across the street, or across the world. I think this technology has brought people closer than ever instead of further apart.  

I play online video games and connect with players my age that live in Alabama , Chicago, and Neveda. The global world is so much closer now for us. We are enabled to communicate all over the world at the same cost as talking to someone in the United States. The use of technology helps us to get information about real world events quicker and easier. One click of a button on the phone and you can see the time it starts, the day it is, and when it is over. We have access to instant information through many devices that are well advanced and efficient in providing information.

My generation knows how to get real time events. So history will not be denied to us. It cannot be covered up or revealed 50 to 60 years later. Even if we do not read it in the textbooks we experience it on youtube, twitter, snapchat ,and instagram. Very few people knew about brilliant African American women that helped get astronaut John Glenn to the moon until the movie Hidden Figures in 2016. I think my generation demands the information and the history books are written online.

My generation uses communication technology advances for everything, good and bad. Whatever you want to know we can find it. Some may view my generation as less personal and out of touch with human feelings. I beg to differ, we stay connected with each other and the world because we know how.