Jensen Bigelow

My generation has the best style. Style not just in the sense of evolving from poodle skirts to leg warmers to skinny jeans, but that our style is expressive, diverse, accepting, and inclusive. It is more than tolerance; it is acceptance of diversity, respect for the thoughts and ideas of others, and the recognition that every story or opinion is valid. Our style is our personality, our energy, our spirit as a generation. We appreciate and value diversity and individuality and we are not going to put up with an intolerant, unaccepting world.

Our style is expressive. Style is one thing we have total control over and it is one way we can express our opinions. My generation cannot make official, legal decisions yet, however we can make a statement by wearing our support. We stand up for what is right and show support for movements like Black Lives Matter and the Women’s March on Washington by wearing their gear. We are expressive not only through what we wear but what we say. We are not a silent generation, and we use technology and social media to speak up against inequalities and injustices so that our voices are heard. Technology is an easy way to access and spread information. Thus, technology allows us to educate others while at the same time it educates ourselves. We are not afraid to challenge authority and we are the generation ready to fight inequality, prejudice, and injustice. We have the energy and motivation and we are being the change we want to see in the world.

Our style is diverse. My generation has much acceptance for each individual’s style. Since my generation emerged, we have seen more inclusivity and acceptance of diverse body types. We embrace diversity not only in material style but in all aspects of society: race, religion, class, gender, and sexual orientation. Differences make us who we are. My generation is a generation that promotes acceptance and inclusion. We have learned to love and accept ourselves as well as others. Everyone has insecurities but we do not let those insecurities define us, instead we strive to think why do those insecurities exist, what is to blame? How can we change it?

Our style is new. We made our style our own. Previous generations criticize some of the inclusivity and acceptance my generation has for all. We are accepting that every person is unique; therefore we should not and cannot dictate their unique style. We have come to the realization that people cannot be marginalized simply based on how they look. Body image standards have changed. Gender identity standards have changed. Moral standards have changed. Styles have changed. We are expanding expectations and crushing stereotypes. Standards in the past were set up in a way that allows for people to judge others, but my generation has not only broken those standards, we have created new standards. Standards for ourselves to live up to. Standards for the world to live up to.