Jeanna Washington

She stood amidst the crowd of people, her fist held high and her shouts of protest loud and clear. Her feet were numb, yet she continued on the march, knowing she was taking part in a historic moment. As she walked onward, she noticed a young man waving a flag bursting with the colors of the rainbow. His face was apprehensive, but he held the flag high, proud of himself for finally stepping out from behind his shadow. He turned his head and saw a teenage couple glued to their phones. Unbeknownst to the young man, one was donating money to a worthy cause while the other was registering to donate blood at an upcoming event. Though these individuals do not know each other, they have something in common: they are members of a generation that advocates for social justice, displays tolerance of diverse individuals and uses technology to do good for others, all better than previous generations. They are a part of MY generation, Generation Z. 

Our generation has adapted to countless social changes and taken the initiative to promote equality for all people. We strive to uphold a high level of justice for every person and refuse to idly stand by and allow society to destroy all the advancements we have made. The past several years, our generation has had groundbreaking numbers of people participating in protests and marches. Now, more than ever, we are taking a stand for what is right and spreading awareness of the transgressions faced by numerous groups today. 

Equality is another thing our generation values, and we have progressed significantly from previous generations in tolerating diverse groups of people. No matter the race, religion, or sexual orientation, we aim to accept all. Generation Z is the most diverse generation thus far, and we have a desire to gain an understanding of the varying cultures and beliefs our world has to offer. Our inclination to learn more about others has allowed us to recognize the unique and dynamic qualities each individual possesses. 

Finally, we have been nicknamed the iGeneration for good cause. With all of the new developments in technology, it is not surprising that our generation is known more than other generations for our constant use of the Internet. While many are quick to believe that digital communication has become a barrier to personal relationships, our generation proves continuously that we can use media to benefit others. We are far more innovative than past generations and we take advantage of the technological advancements by using them to better the world. 

Advocating for social justice, accepting diversity, and using technology to improve others’ lives are just a few things Generation Z is doing better than others before us. We are making changes that will be remembered throughout history. The next time you are out, be observant and you just might see another girl with her fist held high, a young man waving a flag, or a teenage couple using their phones for good.