Jaylen Bradley


You know there have been several different generations living on this planet called Earth. There’s the Generations X, Y, and then….there is my Generation Z! Each generation has their own unique styles and characteristics - being known for doing certain things. Flashback to the 80's with Generation X, they wore the Jheri curls, and in the 70's with Generation Y, there were the bell bottoms! This was their styles and what they lived by that really made them stand out. However, do you know what the Generation Z people bring? We are the Centennials – the 21st Century innovative intellectuals! It is our generation that holds some of the best and most powerful individuals of our nation that is beyond words - amazing in their area of greatness! We bring our socialization and networking skills, our wisdom, and our eagerness to believe that the sky is not the limit – and we are blasting through to infinity! Our motto encompasses the YOLO mentality – but in a positive way.

Our generation, I have noticed we seek opportunities. We don’t wait for someone to grant us permission to do something or procrastinate. We set our focus on a career path and work hard to obtain it. This is why in my generation, you see so much young and talented hip-hop and rap artists like Shawn Mendez, Desiigner, Lil Yachty, and others who found their passion and greatness and rose to fame. Also, our generation holds gymnasts like gold Olympic medalists Simone Biles and Alyssa Baumann in high regard. I can go on and on, but there are so many more success stories out there – or stories in the process of greatness.

My generation is also tech savvy more than any other generation! We know all about SnapChat, Instagram, presentation platforms, and even Twitter and blogs. These are still puzzles to our parents and an imaginary entity to our grandparents. We are so amazing in utilizing our technology at any and every place, that we are usually the ones who have to teach all of the features of a social media profile to our family members and even sometimes to our teachers! Our generation also values the motto of “each one teach one”, especially when it comes to properly using social media. We must stay safe online!

Finally, my fellow centennials are fashion-forward individuals. We like to shop and express ourselves and have no problem purchasing items to show and highlight our beauty. Riding distracted in our cars, staying away from drugs and alcohol - we don’t have time for that nonsense! We prefer to rock Jordan’s, UGGs, Air Force Ones, and all of those things that keep up fresh. We know how to dress to impress and wear designer everything. 

My exceptional generation commands respect. We have plans to persevere, dream, and overcome obstacles. Our supporters molded us, but it will be my generation that will continue the work and be refined into masterpieces. Masterpieces that you will never forget.