Jasmine Williams-Banks


My generation multitasks better than any other generation ever could. We’re exposed to way more technology than the generations before us, but we use it to our advantage even though at times it can be a distraction. From studying through apps like Quizlet and suddenly becoming very, very competitive in class while playing review games on Kahoot to connecting through friends and family through social media, we somehow manage to be so present in the world around us, up to date on current events, and hip to whatever is new in popular culture.

People see many negatives to technology, but we have figured out how to manage our time in a way that I don’t believe we get enough credit for. The fact that this generation of teenagers has lead social justice movements, created the code for smartphone apps, and pushed our differences aside to come together to try and make the world a better place all while facing rigorous courses, piles of homework and the social and emotional struggles that come along with high school needs to be acknowledged.