Jarod Parker

In our rapidly changing world, people are required to use more and more technology. Everything now can be sent and processed faster than ever before, so people need to learn and adapt to new things sooner and faster. I feel that my generation is more technologically savvy than older generations.

My generation has many tools and resources available to use in school. We have computers, which can access more information quicker than books. Plus computers can be used for writing essays and looking up information at the same time. My generation has been going to computer class since first grade, to learn different uses. There are many different programs and websites that my generation uses for school, such as Kahoot and Google Classroom. 

Technology has become a big part in our lives. We have used it our entire lives and we are not intimidated by technology. We are open to using it. Technology has always been there, it is not an extra thing for us. We use it as a way to better the world. For example, Facebook was made to help people become more social and connect across the globe.

Going back to technology being intimidating, my mom is a good example. She finds that she understands Apple okay, but when she uses Windows she is confused and does not know how to operate it. Previous generations have had to learn how to us this technology along the way, while we were born into it. My parents generation developed and increased the amount of technology that we have today, such as cell phones, the internent, and computers. But it is my generation who sees technology as normal practice.

Finally, my generation has more access to information and has a broader view of the world. With smartphones, we have access to the entire internet of information. We can, within seconds, see what is happening across the entire world. We can also check with our friends using social media, or communicate instantly with text. The world is a big place but my generation uses it to communicate with people all over the world and I believe this helps us to be more tolerant of other cultures and people.

Technology has become a huge part of our lives, and our generation is the most capable to adapt to the changing world. We have known how to use it all of our lives, and we will be able to use it to better our planet.