Imani Elliott

Passion is a virtue that can not be passed down genetically from mom and dad. It is cultivated when we are growing up. Shaped by our surrounding, and intensified by circumstance. My generation more than other generations unlocks and utilizes that passion. We are more open to pursuing what we love rather than go into a job for money. When asked what we want to be in life the answer simply aren't doctors and lawyers. We want to be revolutionaries, small business owners, social entrepreneurs. Our passions mixed with the overflow of creativity allows us to create our own jobs that combines our passions and opportunities to create a happy purposeful life. The power that we create when passion leads is innovation and boundaries being broken. 

My generation uses passion to live a more honest existence. We don’t base our choices and values off what preceded us, but instead what motivates us. The concept of normal disappears and whatever feels rights becomes right. We have created a world in which our wildest dreams can be reality. We create jobs that never existed before us and no one thought could exist. The idea that social media could be someone’s job, traveling all over the world and not as a flight attendant or pilot but as a paid traveler, or even combing roles of nuclear physicists and doctor was never attainable in society before. Yet our generation overlooked the traditional jobs and creatively used our passion to establish ourselves in a way that we think best represents ourselves. This translates into other areas of our lives besides the workforce. Traditionally there is a huge pull towards choosing and defining our lives, whether that is religion, sexuality, or political stance. There is a pressure to put yourself in a box with a label that is meant to show the world what you represent. In our generation there is a strong pull away from that. Instead we decide what religion means to us and separate from the conventional interpretation. Or we leave that idea completely and find spirituality on our own that revises traditional methods used. Politically we take stances and transform movements like feminism and the civil rights movement to adapt to our society and challenge popular politics. Just as we challenged the long-established ideas on what gender and sexuality could be. To people in an older generation this is extreme but it is an expression of one’s true emotion that many are too scared to show. Our passion gives us courage to do what had never been thought of and be proud of decisions we make. 

A quote by Billie Joe Armstrong sums up my thoughts.” Our passion is our strength”. My generation allows strong passion to give power to live life the way we want to live. To redefine the norm and sacrifice a safety net for happiness. We are changing the game for future generations to be fearless and live life according to their passions.