Harrold Hardaway


Why My Generation Is The Best There Is?
Some people believe that their generation is better than other generations. Some believe that generation is the better one because of how tough they are. Well, my generation is the best because of these reasons why. 

First, my generation is the best because we are hard workers. For example, we work hard to complete goals that we have set for ourselves. Another example, in a community we work hard to create a positive impact. We do this on a daily basis by creating positive impacts within our school neighborhoods by showing that everyone is equal no matter what.

Next, my generation is the best because we know how to show respect in many different situations. For example, in class we show professional respect when we are talking about a topic. We even show respect when a visitor comes, important dignitaries, parents or when anyone else comes in. Another example, we show the right respect when we are at parties and specially gathering by not getting too wild.

Finally, my generation is the best because we accept any challenge. For example, at my school my generation was given the challenge of 100% acceptance to a college. We have all ready out done that challenge. Another example, my school wanted to have 100% of completed fasfa. We are almost there. We are at 95% completed fasfa. This is why we shout accepting the challenge.

In conclusion, my generation is the best not because of strength. But because of hard workers, respect, and accepting the challenge no matter how hard it may be. This is why my generation is the best there is for the 21st century.