Hannah Robinson


As a millennial, choosing my generation's best quality proved to be an extremely difficult task. There are many different ideas that come to mind when this question is prompted: our increased political involvement, increase in women's rights, or our different social interactions and technological advances. I believe it to be a combination of all of these things, which can be attributed back to one central thing — our education.

Education has been on the rise in the past few decades. According to PEW research, compared to others, millennials are the most educated generation. This can be credited to the changes that education has adapted to throughout the years of the millennial generation. From one room school houses and all male/white schools years ago, the education system has made positive change to better our society. We now have large schools housing thousands of students from different backgrounds that provide students endless opportunity and support everyday. Today, every child in the U.S, regardless or race or gender, has access to free education from kindergarten through 12th grade. In this time, students are educated and exposed to 4 different major subjects; math, science, english, and social studies. Education standards require each student to partake in these classes thus making us well rounded and educated in different aspects of life. Furthermore, there are more opportunities for students in this generation still in high schools. There are ample amounts of clubs and extracurricular activities for students to further their knowledge in a setting outside of the classroom. This is something millennials should be thankful for, as there are other places in this world such as the Middle East, where education is not always an option.

Through our better education when young, college has become more common for millennials. PEW Research states that 63% of millennials value a college education, of that 19% have a college degree and 44% intend to obtain one. Despite the rising cost of tuition, more and more people are enrolling in college. Millennials see a college degree as a lifelong investment, which explains the rise in attendance. Of millennials 27% of females and 21% of males have college degrees, compared to older generations these statistics are higher as on 14% of females and 17% of males have degrees in the baby boomer generation. As the amount of people obtaining degrees grows, so does our society. Within these statistics it is clear to see that more people are obtaining college degrees, and more importantly the number of women receiving a college education is increasing.

Because of millennials making the most of our education, we have been able to make technological advancements that impact our lives everyday, and medical advancements that were never thought possible. By doing this, we as a generation are creating a better life for ourselves, and setting up a more successful future for our children. The many successes of the millennial generation could not have occurred if it was not for our increased participation and appreciation of our education.