Gregory Cook


My generation expresses creativity better than any other generation.With the many problems people face today, my generation has made many businesses like online shopping, online job searching, online money management, etc.Through social media, my generation has influenced many positive trends.  

Now my generation gets criticized for being too,“disconnected”, but we were the first ones to engage and open up the profitable avenue for digital networking, digital security, and online education.Additionally, young entrepreneurs, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Alexander Ljung, both created platforms that changed the face of communication and music on the internet. My generation is truly unprecedented when it comes to expressing innovations that give people the opportunity to create their own lane, network, or business. We are changing the communication game through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, and Snapchat. Now even something like a pound sign has made it easier to become part of major conversations (#mygeneration).

Furthermore, my generation really knows how to get its groove on--”cough, cough”-Dab. My generation came up with dances like the Whip, the “Nae, Nae”, and the Cat Daddy, that everyone can have fun doing together. Previous generations have had their, “running mans” and “electric slides”, but nothing compares to my generation’s ability to turn simple movements into something that will hype up any crowd. My generation points out that dancing wasn’t meant to be complex like the “hammer” and “Bart Simpson” ,but something that can show and express your emotion towards how your feeling--”watch me whip.”

I believe my generation is about showing the world that it can innovate and make great contributions to society. Being in my generation is very introspective, because it makes one open to looking through the looking glass at themselves to answer the problems of the world. Creativity is positivity, positivity is creativity, and my generation is ushering in new possibilities. for the future. With the self-driving vehicles, hoverboards, and new forms of energy, my generation has no barriers to greatness. Yes, my generation truly has it made when it comes to wacky and zany ideas.The future is bright with the innovation that my generation will bring to the table. (#creativityispositivity)